Default Value of MULTI LIST Attribute cannot be cleared in SMART Desktop 7.5.7

Hi all,
In SMART Desktop 7.5.7 when Attribute field type is MULTI LIST and if some default attribute is assigned to the Attribute in Configured Data Model, that default choice cannot be changed, or cleared. The “Save” button on the first occasion appears saving change, but it does not. If trying to change the default value of another Attribute of MULTI LIST, then “Save” button remain grey no matter what is clicked in drop-down list of available choices of the MULTI LIST.
This is rather serious glitch. Can someone take care of it soon?


Well, when I wrote “rather serious glitch”, this mean I found one more (for now), not so serious, in SMART Desktop 7.5.7. This one too, is related to setting default value.
In the “Select basemap” window i have only one basemap. No matter how many times I tick “Use as session default”, my only map is never loaded as default after the program restart, but instead it has to be selected and loaded, and recentered each time after restart of the app.


For the first issue, are you saying that you can’t save you editing of the default values in the configurable model screen like this:

I can make edits by selecting different boxes, and the “save” button is still greyed out, but as soon as I click anywhere else on the screen the default drop down closes, registers the new values and then the save button is available and working correctly as far as I can tell.

Are you using a Mac OS by any chance?

For the second issue, that is working as expected I believe. “session default” only works for the current session, so when you restart SMART that setting is not saved and you must select your session default again.

Please submit a new feature request if you want the option to permananetly select a default basemap. The main request submission form is linked below, I’m not sure if you have access, but if not you can contact whomever your SMART partnership contact is and ask them to submit the request on your behalf:

Actually, I could save the default values of MULTI LIST at the first attempt, but cannot change or clear those values to have no default value any more. I also posted this on SMART 7.5.8 Release Test project.
I do not use MAC (and never will!).

I can live with this current session default feature. There are other more important things to be done.

Ah, OK. I can see the problem when I try to remove all defaults, it won’t save properly for me either in that case, so that looks like a consistent bug to me now. Thanks!