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Hi community

I have projects running on smart connect 7 and the information flows perfectly with smart mobile. However, when I query and try to download a csv file, the file doesn’t download and another window opens in the browser with the text. I have tried with two different browsers with the same result. I hope you will guide me if it is a problem with the configuration of my browser or indeed something happens with this function.

Thank you.

Hello Ignacio,
Can you clarify the specific workflow? If you go to Query > Export Query Results and select .csv as the format, you should be prompted to select the file destination on the next screen?

Are you able to get to this screen and select a location for the file to be saved?

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Hi Matt

Thanks for your help. My workflow is on the Smart Connect website, I generate a query with “csv” output format and it does not download the file, on the contrary, it opens another window with the text.


Hello Ignacio,
You are correct - when running a query in Connect in a .csv format, it doesn’t automatically download a separate file, but instead displays the data in your browser in a .csv format. You can then copy the output into whichever file or application you would like to use. This is working as expected.

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thanks matt

Indeed, that’s what I’m doing on my side, copy and paste into a text file. I was thinking of park managers who have little digital literacy. I’ll try to link the URL to add the queries as a direct download on my own website.


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I don’t think it will be possible to make a link from your own website that forces a file download instead of display in the browser. The same-origin policies will likely prevent that, which is annoying…

We could make an additional option on the Connect server in a future version that indicated download vs display which is likely the only way to really control a download from the Connect server itself.

In the mean time, usually the browsers have a right-click menu option, “save-as…” which would be the simplest way for a less experienced user to get the data into a file on their system.

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Gracias jeff

Desafortunadamente, la opción del menú del botón derecho, “guardar como…” no guarda los datos, sino que guarda un texto con la estructura de la página web. De todos modos, logré vincular la consulta a la descarga de csv en mi página web R Shiny usando los enlaces de token de URL compartidos.

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