Development Integration with SMART

My name is Paloma. I’m a software developer in Arquimea Group company. We have a project related with spatial monitoring of a nature reserve, and we would like integrate our software with SMART. I’m searching in resources you have available and a I can’t find something like and API to send information through and save new data in SMART database. I don’t know if you can make available and API or if you have another resources at programming level to integrate our software. We’d need to integrate SMART, in early, with two sensors and drones. Is it possible? We don’t discard contribute to SMART’s project.
Thanks in advance!

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I am a newbie to SMART, but my understanding is that SMART integrations are possible to be done through EARTHRANGE.

From SMART 7 new features DRAFT
2.3 SMART Integrate - ability to integrate a range of sensors and data with SMART
SMART Integrate is a collaboration between SMART and EarthRanger to create a more powerful, end to end protected area management platform - combining traditional law enforcement monitoring, real time operations, biological monitoring and intelligence.
SMART Integrate brings together a coalition of sensor technology providers and users to create a tool that will provide a number of out-of-the-box integrations with field sensors, allowing data to be made available in the SMART, EarthRanger and other conservation applications. SMART Integrate’s vision is to simplify the deployment of sensors into protected areas.”

We are also interested on this API to send information through and save new data in SMART database.