EC2 AMI, how to start smart connect

Hi - I’ve used AWS AMI(smart connect AMI) to deploy SMART connect, but the smart app doesn’t come up, could you pls guide if I have to do any initial setup or changes to bring the app up?


Hello Pavan,
There’s quite a bit that goes into setting up your own AWS Connect server. Here is some documentation to review that outlines the various steps needed to deploy Connect:
Deploying Connect to Amazon AWS/EC2 - Google Docs
If you can provide any specifics regarding the steps you’ve done and where you are running into issues, I can help find resources to troubleshoot.

Note that the SMART partnership provides a free service for hosting SMART Connect, which you may find easier and less expensive than setting up your own. Instructions for requesting a Connect instance are below:

If your organization is interested in requesting a Connect instance, please register here and then submit a request using this SCaaS form. Please note, we will only process requests from legal organizations. Please provide a full description and your official contact details for your organization and sites in your request. Please use your organization email address .

Hi Matt - Thanks for replying on this.
Our requirement is to keep the data/content we create on our premises or our cloud account due to the local compliance issues, hence we can’t use SCaaS.

For setting up SMART connect, I launched EC2 instance using the pre-baked Connect image which I found in the AWS marketplace, and enabled the inbound on 8443 to allow access to URL. I’m able to access the tomcat manager page, but I’m not able to start the smart webapp.

I will go thru the doc which you have provided.


Hi Matt - Just an update on this, I am able to bring it up now, was missing the the email configs in server.xml, once I added and restarted tomcat, it worked.

Thanks for your quick support on this, I will come back to you frequently as I just started with this app :slight_smile: