Error in desktop maps

yesterday i did syncronice my smart desktop 6.3 after that i got this message error
I did add a new layer of protected area in shape format and the map not appear.
Before that, i checked the shape files in qgis and works fine.
What mean that message?

Hello Jorge,
It does seem like there’s an issue with that new map layer you added. Are you able to synchronize correctly if you delete that layer? A simple thing you can try is just removing and re-adding that shapefile. If that doesn’t work, please send your error log and the shapefile you’re trying to add, and we can investigate further.


Error text: Se produjo un error interno durante “Cargar capas predeterminados al mapa”


thanks for your help. Finally, i did this.
Backup of protected area and export all patrol, employees list etc.
I delete in connect server the protected area and then delete de area in desktop.
After all, i create the area again in desktop and synchro with connect.

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