Error loading SMART Mobile to Device with Kiosk Mode

Hi All/Justin,

We are unable to load the latest SMART Mobile onto the phone with Kiosk mode on some computers. We are getting this error on 3 x computers: See attached photo.

2 x Windows 10 computers and 1 x Windows 11 computer. It is on the new version of SMART Mobile: 436.apk

SMART Desktop: SMART 7.5.6

Important to note:
2 computers we have here ARE working with the new APK with KIOSK mode.
The computers not working as mentioned above DO work with an old SM version 347.apk but not with this new one.

Please do help troubleshoot if you can.


@JessIsden @justinsteventon @bakwena

Hi Xia,

Is there anything unusual about those devices, i.e. are they older?
Could you please double check that the file downloaded correctly? Sometimes you might get a partial download of the APK so it looks invalid. The file size should be about 128Mb.


Hi Justin,
Nothing unusual, they are split between versions Android 10 and android 12. The APK file is complete and fine.
Maybe more of a computer permissions related issue maybe being affected by new APK given it works fine with the same APK and same devices from another computer?

What do you need to be able to do some deeper troubleshooting? Maybe Teamviewer ?

Thanks for the fast response!!!