Error uploading Changes to SMART Connect

I am seeing this error popping out recently.
The server was recently updated to 7.5.7, we had to update our desktop software to 7.5.7 to sync properly. It worked well, I could syn for the first time, however when I imported more patrols this error popped out.
I have deleted the CA from the desktop and redownloaded it from Connect but the problem persists, without synchronizing. We are seen this in two of our CAs now, after the update. Any suggestion on how to resolve this issue? See image attached.


Hi Johny,

This issue can be fixed by running an update script on your Connect instance. Please Message me your URL or email me at and I will have the tech experts assist with the issue.


I have the similar issue.


@jsimfukwe provided exceptional support to us regarding this issue. I’d say, reach out using the same email he provided in his response with your URL info.