Error when saving a query

Hi all,
I have been to trying to save my queries that I want to use in my report but this message pops up every single time. This problem started 2 days ago. I have been saving my queries the same way and it used to work fine.

Any help on how to solve this issue is greatly appreciated.



Could you kindly share some additional information:

  • Is this happening for all query types and for any filters/values?
  • Does this happen for all time ranges for these queries?
  • What version of SMART software are you using?
  • Did you make any changes to your system before the error first occurred?

Can you also please share your error log.




  1. yes this is happening to all query types.
  2. yes this is happening for all time ranges for these queries.
  3. I am m using the SMART version 7.5.6
  4. All these errors started when I updated my Smart software to the above mentioned version

Below is my error log:

SecuritySupervisor Error log.txt (1.2 MB)

Sorry I updated to SMART 7.5.9