Error when trying to connect to SMART connect

Hi Everyone!
I would like to use SMART mobile for rangers patrols colect field data in a protect area. I am new in the use of SMART, I was following the SMART 7 technical manual, SMART mobile user manual, e SMART connect manual but I have some difficulties in trying to connect SMART desktop to SMART connet to allows te use of SMART mobile from a celphone. Comes out the following error:

What does this error mean? can anybody help me?

Hi Valentina,

The reason you are getting this error is because you have not set up your SMART connect configurations. From the screenshot, your current URL is pointing to your local server. Do you have an existing SMART Connect server?


Thanks for your quick answer!
Sorry, I don´t know what are you meaning when you says “you have not set up your SMART connect configurations”. I am following the steps of the smart connect manual:

Iam ok, still 2.11 but got stuck in the 2.1.2 (in yellow)

Hi Val,

You need a server before you can setup and use Connect features.

Do you have a server?

If not, and you’d like to request one, you can do this on the SMART website under “SCaas Request” once logged into the site.



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Thaks a lot! I didn’t know that!

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