Errors on Data Queue processing

Hi all. We’ve been having the same problems on different CAs when trying to import data via the Data Queue processor.

1- First, several data packages don`t process, with the state appearing as “Advertencia (warning)”.

To this I tried modifying patrol starting and ending times as suggested on other threads. Some data got processed after this but not all.

2- Then from the ones that do get processed, I get failure on processing some points (in some cases it’s thousands).

3- Also tried manually downloading from the Data Queue on Connect and importing on Desktop, with same results.

Any ideas? I’m attaching the error log too. Thanks a lot.
data queue error.txt (2.0 MB)

Hi Juan,

Does reprocessing the data with warnings have any positive impact? Sometimes there is an issue with the order in which data is processed.

There can alsobe issues with overlapping patrol days. Do you have multiple patrols happening simultaneously?



Hello Alex. No, that doesn’t seem to work very much, except what for what happened on step 1