Export and import file smart mobile 7

Hi Taufik,

Once you have already created and defined your data model you can export a package to SMART mobile on your device. To do this, navigate to “Field data” → “SMART Mobile” → “Packages”. Click “Add” and select the type of package you want to create i.e. Patrol, Independent incident, SMART collect or Survey package. Name your package and configure your settings as required. Select your desired data model using the drop-down menu under “Configurable Model”. Once satisfied, save the package and close. Select the package you have created, then click “Export” which will give you the options to export your package to several locations, in your case “Export to Device”. Export the package and wait for the process to complete and you should be able to access the package on your SMART Mobile device.

Hope this is helpful. Please refer to the SMART Mobile documentation that can be found on the website for more details. To ensure a successful export of packages to your mobile device, you can also look at the solution given on this topic thread