Error exporting packages to SMART Mobile

Hi all,
I get an error notification when I try to export packages to SMART Mobile (via cable). This happened after I upgraded to 7.5.7. in order to sync with the new version of SMART Connect.
It is a very generic error message, see attached.

I tried a lot:

  • cables
  • file transfer
  • different tablet
  • USB debugging
  • re-installing SMART
  • new packages
  • Mobile settings
  • Package settings

But nothing seems to work.
Can anyone assist?
Kind regards,


Hi Elke,

Does the device show up in Windows Explorer?

Note that if you are using SMART Connect, you should be able to install the package over WiFi. The documentation is here: General usage | CyberTracker Wiki


It does show up in windows explored so the laptop recognizes the tablet/phone.
We only use Connect as back up.
Our packages are set on cable transfer.

Kind regards,

Can you navigate into the file system of the connected mobile device?
Does this happen on all your devices? Please share what brand they are.
Could you try on a different PC?


Yes I can. I have tested multiple devices. Different laptops with the CA to export the packages. And different devices with SMART Mobile to export the packages to.

Kind regards,

I managed to install 7.5.7 via the plug-in menu of 7.5.6. Now I can export packages again.

Kind regards,