Failing to export a package onto SMART Connect, giving a 409 error

Greetings, i have been trying to export a package into SMART mobile using the connect option, i am getting the 409 error and on the device the circular arrow is there but when i try to update it, it advises me that bad project. May you please assist. It is on 7.5.3.

Can you please provide - which version of SMART Mobile you are using, which Connect server, what specific error message, and a bug report.

Greetings Padma,

Here are the details,

In general 40x error is normally related to some permissions issue. Most of the time, it means that the user account used for the operation has not the correct permissions attached to it.
But it this case I think the error is triggered by accessing a resource (patrol package) that is blocked by another user or process. We need to check the internal server logs to see if the resource is still blocked for example by an orphaned process. We then have to try to kill that process or manually delete the patrol package.
I’ll let you know as soon as I have more details.


I deleted now the patrol package that was still in the state of Uploading. You can now try to upload it again.

@Nicorll - please try this if you haven’t and let me know if the issue has been fixed. Thanks

Thank you so very much, the upload is working now.

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Thanks for the update.


We are facing similar errors when trying to synchronise the same conservation area on a different machine. When we try to export the patrol package from that other machine we are getting some errors. Please see attached images.

Hi Nicorll,
It looks like there might be an issue with your Connect server. Are you able to log into it in a web browser? If the server is down, you can submit an issue ticket to get assistance here: Loading... - Form by Asana