Features SMART mobile app


I have citizen scientists using the mobile app to log leopard sightings and quite a few of them have videos of leopards instead of pictures. With the app, it is not possible to upload a video unfortunately so I was wondering if it’s a new feature that will come out soon?

It means that the user then has to send the video separately which makes extra work for everyone.

I also have colour blind people that mentioned that they would like to be able to see which data was exported and which was not yet. Is there a way to have this featured as well? Having the button becoming grey once exported does not help them.

Similarly, when a requested field is not filled, it is highlighted in red but colour blind don’t see that. The system just says “cryptically value required” but it would be better if it says for example “image required”.

Please let me know if any of the above can be changed.

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Hi Marine,

The system is not designed to support videos, because the files tend to be very large and generally do not contain a lot of information. Perhaps they can upload their videos to something like YouTube and attach a link in a text field?


Hi Justin,

Ok noted - I guess that is not a feature that will become available then?

Would there be a solution for colour blind people though?


I do not know enough about color blindness. My understanding is that there are different types. For example, red-green would be a problem if we display something in red next to something in green and asking that people differentiate. Is this what you are seeing?

Required fields also have a “*” next to them, so this provides a good cue that something is required. Are they able to use that?