Figuring out Custom Patrol Attributes


I was trying to see if custom patrol attributes could be used to include additional info at the start of a patrol. However, my layout does not match the order in the patrol package. Is there a way that one can see how the custom patrol attributes will be displayed in the patrol package (and if so can the attributes be rearranged so that they don’t appear in random order)?

Unfortunately, there is not. I communicated this improvement about a year ago. Multilist attributes are also not available for custom patrol attributes. Could you try A. Date Start B. Date End C. MEFT permit Number and see what happens?

Ah ok… I gave it a go again yesterday and it seems that the only way around this issue is if you enter the attributes in the correct sequence from the start (i.e. date start, date end, permit number, etc.), which may be a little bit confusing initially, since, after each attribute is entered, it is placed in alphabetical order. This method leaves very little room for mistakes.

There are several enhancements related to custom patrol attributes and localization of what patrol metadata are required slated for inclusion in SMART 8, so keep an eye out for that in the future. For now, what you’ve described @mwalters is a good workaround to keep in mind.