For SMART Connect, how much storages space available for each site and how does the backup work

We don’t currently limit storage space. As a small but global community, with a shared mission, the risk of organizations overusing storage is small. SMART data, (with the exception of image/video/audio and other attachments) doesn’t take up huge amounts of storage. For images, we encourage people to use the image shrinking tools as this will not only save us storage costs, but it will make your system run faster. In summary, as long as everyone continues to be fair and reasonable in their use of the hosted system, we don’t expect to place limits on storage.

We have backups of the central database, but as a free service, we can’t offer you concrete guanatees. With the syncing approach used in SMART, there is a very low risk of data loss - in most cases, you would need both the server and desktop to go down. There is a slightly higher risk if data is corrupted (e.g. if someone deletes data and then this delete is synced across systems). In advisable for sights to take periodic backups of their data. How frequent these should be will depend on a number of factors - perhaps monthly or quarterly would be the right balance in most cases.

Should SMART provide additional back up services?