FYI: Precision issue when Track is left on while not moving for a long time (v7.5.9)


We have identified a bug in v7.5.9 related to tracklog precision when the track is left on while not moving for a long time. The resulting error message is below.

This appears to be an old bug that’s reappeared somehow. It happens when points are exactly on top of other points from the same track (ie, the exact cm), so it only happens when devices 2 are left in one spot for hours, for the standard star-pattern from GPS imperfection. Essentially, if users leave two devices on patrol for long enough with a short enough track timer, eventually they will get a point directly on another line…

We are addressing this in two ways:

  1. We should a patch update (v7.5.10) available in the update site within a short time. We will keep you all posted as soon as its available.
  2. The plan (on mobile) is to use the accelerometer in conjunction with the GPS speed to ignore points when stationary. Estimated timing on this is a bit longer, but in the near future. Again, we'll keep you all posted.

A REMINDER: The (very) long term recommendation for all users is to be conscientious about turning off/pausing patrols when they get to HQ or anywhere they are stopping for more than ~30min or something. Not only can it cause issues with tracklogs, but it can also greatly affect patrol lengths quite a lot.

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My team had an issue while patrolling in the field, the day’s patrol was presumably thought to have been deleted, therefore the team repeated the grid. however, after downloading from the smart phone, the two days’ patrol data was seen but it overlapped. How can I split or delete one of the days of the patrol?