GPS connection loss

Hi All.
had a problem with multiple devices that worked fine for the last view weeks and had a gps connection problem.
Start the patrol 100% with device finding coordinates and once i got to the next site it couldn’t or don’t want to find coordinates. now the coordinates are all over the show and have to change them manually.
Anyone had a issue in the last 2 days?


Hi Joseph,

There have not been any updates to the SMART Mobile application during this period.

This may be a device issue. Can you attempt to reset the devices / test the GPS functionality through a different application to determine if this is an issue with SMART Mobile or not, please?



only happened the one day on my device, then next day on another device.
Havent had any other isues.
We were wondering if it was not because it was due to the fact that we were not in flight mode and the device was searching for ping from towers?

Hi Joseph,

Airplane Mode doesn’t turn off your device’s GPS. But, because it disables internet access, your device will not update its location on the internet.

So, whether there will be an issue here will depend on how you have your location being captured. Often devices will, by default, use WiFi + the internal GPS to get your location. You can change this in your device settings to “only GPS” which will likely avoid issues related to WiFi.



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