Having Problem with smart map on smart mobile/cybertracker

Hi everyone, I had some problems with OFFLINE smart map that didn’t load on screen after resume the patrol or screen device’s off or when it lost internet connection. It happened in many devices. So I had to connect it to internet first to reload an offline smart map. Any suggestion to solve it?

Also is it possible to add layer on map directly to the app without export it from smart desktop package?


Hi Lia,

It could be that your offline map is configured to not have the right zoom levels. Could you please export a package from the desktop to a ZIP file and send it to me via a web drive?

You can add custom layers via the package, see the description here:
User manual | CyberTracker Wiki

However, we do not have a way to add the maps outside of the package system.


Hi Justin,

Thanks for responding, any recommendation or tips how to configure the zoom level perfectly in the package? Currently, im in remote, I’ll send the package later

I suggest to add feature in smart mobile to add the layer (shp or kml) directly on maps in the future. It think it would be convenience someday.

Also we thought if “map and add/make observation” feature in the same page would be easier for team in the field to navigate and make sure thats the right position before they mark waypoint. I hope this suggestion will be your consideration for smart mobile development in the future.


Hello Lia,
Note that you can use the ‘Manual GPS on Skip via field map’ configuration to view the map and select the location to use on the map when making observations.

Hi, Matt.

Thanks for the advice. Our field team use that “manual input thru map or coordinate” sometimes, but it took more time back and forth and it’s quite inconvenience for them to do that.

Anyway, thanks for user manual, it helps a lot