HEIC images from iPhones

I have noticed with some of the iPhones, apple is now saving images in the iPhone gallery as an HEIC file. When members who are on iPhones attach photos from their gallery that are in HEIC format, Smart desktop to not accept them and does not bring the photos through with the report. Would it be possible to create a patch that would allow for Smart Desktop to allow the processing of HEIC images as well as jpegs etc.

Hi Debby,
I will submit this as an enhancement request, and in the meantime you can set the iPhone to only use .jpeg files by going to Settings > Camera > Formats and choosing ‘Most Compatible’.

HI Matt. Thank you for this - I have in fact already requested them all to do just that but as they use their personal phones a number of them have indicated that they would like to revert to HEIC in order to economise space on their phones, but in the interim they have all reverted to Compatible mode
Much appreciated