How do I change the language in SMART?

When your system/computer is set to the language you want to use - You can change the language in SMART the same way you install any other plugin, just find it in the plug-in list, check the box off and press ok (see screenshot)

When you want to run SMART in a different language to your system - You can force SMART to use a particular language by editing the SMART.ini file which is located next to the SMART.exe file (on the windows build). You can add a line to the end of this file that says:


fr = FRENCH, put in whatever supported language you want. You have to

use the two or three character language code (listed below).

A short video is available here - link

The languages that are supported to varying degrees are:

ar - Arabic

es - Spanish

fr - French

hi - Hindi

in - Indonesian

ka - Georgian

kar - Karen

km - Khmer

lo - Loas

mn - Mongolian

ms - Malay

pt - Portuguese

ru - Russian

sw - Swahili

th - Thai

uk - Ukranian

vi - Vietnamese

zh - Chinese

Here is also visual instructions if needed.
SMART System Language change