How do I integrate data into Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Amazon QuickSight or other BI tools

We periodically get variations of the above request.

Currently, the best approach is to use SMART Connect APIs - either to pull the data directly into the BI solution (e.g. by developing a custom connector) or to pull the data into an SQL or other database that can then be more easily directly from the BI solution.

Both of these approaches require engineering/programming resources and so we appreciate most sites don’t have the resources to implement this.

If a group of SMART users was interested in integrating with a specific BI tool, we’d be happy to dive deeper and explore what it would take to develop a shared solution.

Please share thoughts/needs here.

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This is awesome thanks Jonathan

Definitely interested in seeing how we could integrate the data via API into Tableau


is there an overview of SMART Connect APIs somewhere?

I have been struggling with a simmilar question and it would be interesting to see the solution on integrating smart with other BI visualization tools e.g powerBI.