How to share projects between mobiles without internet connecction

Hello! I am recently using SMART and I am trying to share a project that I have on my mobile device with another device without using an internet connection because I need to share my project with park rangers in an area without an internet connection. I’ve managed to transfer the project from one device to another (the share package option produces a zip file), but I can’t get the project to get it installed and running. Can someone please guide me to achieve it without using Smart Desktop?

Hi there, this works on more recent versions on the stores:

Long press on the project and then select “Send package”. This will zip up the project into a package and offer to send it using the Android’s built in sharing options. Depending on the Android version, there should be an option called “Nearby”, “Beam” or “Bluetooth”. You will need to play with getting two devices to share files, but this works quite well if both devices are newer. Sometimes you have to put them back to back, but it does not require a network connection.

When the new device has received the zip file, save it to the Download folder. Open SMART Mobile and go to the Settings page (button on bottom right corner). Then select the “Edit projects” option and the “Add” button and then choose the file. This will install the project.

Let us know how it goes.


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Perfect solution!!

Thank you!! :slight_smile: