Human Wildlife Conflict

Hi everyone, I am exploring how I can set up SMART for Human-Wildlife Conflict. Somehow, I can not find any training material and guidance specifically related to HWC. So far, I have been using SMART in LEM using our own data model. Really appreciate everyone’s help.


Hi Arsir,

we have a few case studies on the SMART website about how some sites are using SMART for HWC and if it is of interest, I can put you in touch with some of them:

  1. HWC in Gonarezhou National Park - SMART Conservation Software - Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool > SMART Community > Your stories > Case Study

1a - SMART Conservation Software - Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool > SMART Community > Your stories > Case Study
2. HWC in Limpopo National Park, Mozambique - SMART Conservation Software - Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool > SMART Community > Your stories > Case Study


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We had similar interests buddy, to address it we just customized the main data Model to include parameters which we were interested in at both Category and attribute levels. Then we created a separate configurable model which exclusively correspond to HWC. Specific queries for HWC were also created. Currently challenge is on estimating area damage when need arises because smart does not give option to calculate area. Interestingly everything is working perfectly.
But I believe this gives me an opportunity to learn further from our experts.

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There are two main approaches you should consider:

  1. Shaibu’s approach to creating custom data model for HWC issues. With the current release of SMART you need to make sure your data is tagged in a way that separates HWC data from patrol data (so not to skew your patrol data). In the coming SMART 7.5 release, you’ll be able to name the configurable model so that in SMART Mobile they appear HWC forms. The main limitation with this approach is all your follow up information needs to be added to the original observation.
  2. Use the approach above just for capturing data on the initial incident and use the Profiles module to build out forms and flows to support issue tracking. This is a heavier lift and if 1 or more people wanted to explore this approach, we’d probably need to figure out how to bring people together (remotely) to work out and document this approach together.

It’s probably best to try the first approach and consider the second if you see that you are growing out of the first approach.

We are discussing some improvements for SMART 8 that will strengthen both of these approaches:

  1. Capturing of polygons are part of an observation
  2. Ability to fully report on and fully localize (translate) the configurable model - this will make it easier to capture data like HWC and ensure reporting and analysis of this data is separated from reporting and analysis on Patrol effort.

Keep us updated your progress. It would be great if we could find a critical mass of SMART users who were will to guide the partnership on how we ensure we meet the needs for capture. management and reporting on HWC data.


This sounds great. Can’t wait to start using SMART 7, your orientation on this shall be awesome.

Thanks Monica!! Really appreciate it.

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Yes Shaibu. At the moment that is what I did. I simply created a new data model which different from LEM. How long since you used it? I’m just exploring this. I’m thinking of creating a database for HWC using SMART.

We have been able to collect HWC data using SMART since 2019 Arsir.

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Yes, I use the first approach. Since I don’t have any guide I’m just exploring it as in LEM. I created a new data model and a configurable data model. I don’t know if I’m doing it right. But, I export it as a patrol package in SMART Mobile which allows me to collect independent incidents. I just use the Report Incident option to collect HWC Data n the field.

For 2nd approach, it will be interesting to explore it.

At the moment, I’m still using Version 6.3 offline for our CA. I have set up SMART Connect using a physical server in my department and still testing it. I’m looking forward to the new, stable SMART Release.

Great! So, are there any issues I should aware of?

Not much as some issues are specific to a region, otherwise everything is ok

I’d be interested in option 2.I recently started a HWC project using SMART in Tsavo and I’m using option 1.