I can't restore my backup


I just installed SMART 7.5 in my computer and tried to restore my backup. However, I got a message saying some plugins were missing so I tried to install them and then wasn’t even able to login (an error message showed up).

I uninstalled the program and deleted everything related, installed it again and tried installing ALL the plugins. However, now I am getting this message of missing plugins again. Please help :cry:

Hello Barbara,
After installing SMART, you will need to log in and install the plugins before you restore a backup, and you must include at least all of the plugins that you had installed on the previous version. This can be done by logging into the Example CA with the default user (smart/smart).

When installing plugins, choose the ‘Local Core Update Site’ and you should see the missing plugins. If you are still having issues installing the plugins, could you please share a screenshot of the Install Plugins screen?