I managed to export SMART Mobile packages into my device and it recognized the packages and able to load basemap. However when i select the particular project, and hit 'Start Patrol' the application will start to freeze

Hi there,

Could you please send me a bug report from the device? Here are the instructions:
Troubleshooting | CyberTracker Wiki

Please share it with me (justin@steventon.com). If it is very large, please put it on a web drive and send me a link.


Hi Justin, I tried to run the installed package today. It turned out to be fine, I also send the package to my colleague who are using IOs (mine is Android). She run into the same problem, but after a while, her phone seems to be able to carry the package quite well. We’ll do some trial for now. I think the data model is too complex, I deleted some of non-related animal species categories before re-install the package.

Do you ever face the same issue?

I have not seen this issue before, but it could be just a performance problem, i.e. not a bug, just slow.

SMART Mobile does not have any restrictions on the size or complexity of the data model.

It would still be great to see a bug report so that we can make sure to take care of this issue for other users.


Hi Justin, few updates here.

I install the same project package to another colleague, his phone managed to load it although at first try it did not succeed, I sent the package file via WhatsApp and it said not a installable project. However i moved the package file into the phone’s internal directory and it works. However, when i tried to access the project, this is where the phone start to lag. I will send you the bugreports.

And another issue is my phone battery status is at 61%, but in Mobile, it shows 100%. I send you the bug report as well

Battery level is not supported on iOS.