Iam looking Malaysia Companies that can help to Install SMART Connect

Iam looking Malaysia Companies that can help to Install SMART Connect and configure so Our Officer can use SMART Connect.

My Name is Shahrulnizam, Iam Work With Forestry Department . Under the UNDP Project, Our Officer have use SMART for three years in 3 pilot states (2021 - 2023). The last SMART technology used is using SMART Mobile. Means Our officer now use SMART using Dekstop PC, Laptop and SMART Phone. How ever we feel we need to have SMART Connect, so all the data collected can be sent and keep in our server from all states in Peninsular Malaysia. We already have a server.

Before I propose it to my Department, I need to know the estimate cost (max) to hire companies .

I also need to present the diagram or flow how SMART Connect works to be put in my paper works.

If someone read this, please notify me if there is company with contact number that can help to install , configure and give training on SMART Connect.

You can text me via Whats-app . This is my phone numbers 019 3944158 . Or you can also put the company name, person in charge and contact number by reply to this Topic.

Thanks a lot for your attention

Dear Shahrulnizam,

We do have some materials on the website to guide the process of local server installation but this will require some IT expertise. We are hoping to soon provide some additional guidance and materials to make local install easier.

You also do have the option of using a cloud server by requesting this on the smart website. Find “smart community > connect request”. This will be free and will require no installation or maintenance on your behalf.

If you need the local server installation and need help I may have a contact for you in Malaysia. I will enquire of their availability but I also welcome others to provide their recommendations.

Kind regards,


Thank you for your kind respon Mr Alex.

Yes, our department needs local server installation and needs help to get contact details of vendors@ companies that can install SMART connect in Peninsular Malaysia.

I need to get

  1. Quotation from vendor/company - this quotation will have a list of work on installing SMART connect, configuring and training courses - and total asking price.

This Monday, 13 November 2023, I have been asked to present the implementation report of SMART Patrol, and the proposed development of SMART connect, to expand the use of SMART in Peninsular Malaysia. Hope I can get an estimate of the cost involved for installing SMART Connect

Dear Shahrulnizam,

We don’t have any companies in-country to recommend, however, we can offer remote support in the installation and management of SMART Connect.

If you could kindly share your email contact to me our technical expert will reach out to you.

You can email directly to me and I will copy him in to the communications.


Kind regards,