Images lost when merging patrols

Hi folks, we have been using SMART for a long time at our Anti Poaching Unit but have one issue we cannot resolve.

When we merge multiple patrols into one patrol all images attached to the merged patrols go missing, how do I rectify this ?

Hello Philip,
Which version of SMART are you using? There was an issue like this in an older version of SMART, but I’m not aware of any issues with this in SMART 7.

We are using V7.5.2. When we have two callsigns on an operation both carry a Cyber. When we import the patrols from the devices and merge them into one patrol we lose all images.

Are there any other SMART users out there that have tried to merge two patrols together ?

HI @matt.hron just letting you know this happened again with the latest version of SMART 7.5.6 for me. :frowning:

@XStevens can you share the error log?

Hi @matt.hron : attached file as Image not seen on each patrol days but looks like it is stored on the "filestore folder , isn’t it? So if I want to delete them, could I delete images directly on the “filestore” as it makes my SMART Connect difficult to upload (from Desktop to Connect)?


Hello Aristide,
Are you saying you have the same issue with attached images being lost when merging patrols? If so, could you share the error log?

As for deleting images directly from the filestore, that sounds risky as that could lead to broken pointers to those images in the software. I would strongly recommend making a backup of your CA before deleting anything.

Hi Matt,
Sorry for the long explanation.

The fact, is our CA - Makira become a huge file of 29 GB of data from 2018 to now because they take pictures of some of the threats found during patrols --So there are:

(1) I try to upload it to SMART Connect for that size - it is now taking me 3 days and nights (since Wednesday 19th July until today Friday 21st afternoon still uploading

(2) Thats’ why I am considering deleting all attached image files in each patrol from January 2018 till July 2023. Here is what happened, after I back up the SMART Desktop 6.3 -the previous version we used - to upgrade to the current SMART 7.5.6 - none of the attached files inside each patrol is found - on the column of the attached file becomes (None). Thus, not unlike the previous version (version 6.3 to version 7.1) in which you cannot find any more in each patrol in the attached file. However, the size of the SMART Desktop indicates that these attached files are still there, as during the upgrade I see the name of some of these attached files uploaded from the Backup 7.1 to 7.5.6 --with the jpeg extension, etc…

My idea is if I managed to see again - Patrol by patrol the attached file - I can re-edit each patrol by ONLY DELETING ALL THE PHOTOS- to let each patrol without attached files and for that could be easily uploaded to SMART Connect- I’ve done that as these when the SMART Desktop 7.1 was launched - I upgrade my 6.3 and deleted some of patrol - as it was in that moment a test of maximum 1 Gb size for the connect - So when I only use 2018 patrol and delete one by one attached file - it become light and I managed to upload to SMART Connect —

That’s my problem now, as it appears that the 29 GB Desktop SMART 7.5.6 might not get finished to upload on SMART Connect - I need to delete the attached file on each patrol but none of the patrols have attached file - even I see that some are on filestore…

Anyway, I backup this big SMART Desktope file for my site and made various copies before I touch it.

Sorry for the long email Matt.

Hello Aristide,
Since this is a completely different issue, I’m going to create a new post for it to avoid confusion.

Hi @XStevens, was this resolved? we are having the same challenge.

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Hi @Mutale do you mean the issue with merging the patrols?

@XStevens yes! we are getting errors when viewing images after merging patrols.

OK, yes we also re-experienced this the other day. Could you please send the error log through to here for @matt.hron along with what SMART version ETC you are using.

We have used every version of Smart since the first one, the problem persists.
Perhaps it would help if you tried it for yourself to see what we are talking about.

Simply select two patrols containing images, right click, select “merge”.
Once they are merged, try open any attached images and observe the issue we are trying to explain here.