Import data error connect

Hi all,

We are having the attached error and loosing some data when we sync data from connect to desktop. Do you have any insights on this?

The translation of the error is: “The point 13/09/2023, 4:29:49 p. m. matches with different missions [CUC002_1_2023(13/09/2023), CUC002_2_2023(13/09/2023)]. Make sure the days and times don´t overlap and try again”

Hi all, we continue having the same error, do you have any insights on this?

Hi Lina,
I’m sorry you didn’t get a response on this. This type of warning indicates that there are two missions from the same device that having overlapping start and end dates/times. If a trackpoint/waypoint falls during the overlapping time, there isn’t a way of knowing which mission it’s supposed to be added to.

Look at the two missions it references in the message and note the start and end dates/times. You will likely need to adjust them so that the two missions don’t overlap. You should then be able to process this item to assign it to the correct mission.