Importing patrols from SMART Mobile json files

Hey there,

The json files of patrols can only be imported or opened once ?

Because someone in my team is trying to open the json files in two computers (with no SMART connect), and they are having this issue

Thanks for your help

Hi Jackie,

Once patrol data is exported from a SMART Mobile device the data package will be removed from the device.

Could you perhaps help to explain the context a little? Why does the json need to be opened twice? The simplest mechanism is to import the data once. Then if you want to share the data, export the patrol / incident from SMART which will create a .zip file that you can import into another installation (i.e. import / export patrols).



Hey Alex!

We usually need to upload patrols on different computers because they are not synchronized with SMART Connect.

I gave that solution of exporting the patrol to a zip file and then importing it, and thanks for the explanation about the json files.


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