Incidental report - issue with observer

Good day,

I have one configurable model that I use for all my CAs for incidental reports.

On one of them, users now have to select an observer name as part of a pre-defined list of employee, before being able to log the report.

I tried to remove all employees but I had to keep myself, as the Administrator. I cannot delete it. I’m the only one left on the list that the user must chose. See first image.

I have not made any chances on the data model or configurable model and it is the same for all CAs. I don’t understand why that option suddenly appears and I don’t know how to remove it.

When I click on filed data, smart mobile, packages and edit the incident package, I see the list of employee with my name ticked. If I untick it, I get the message “At least one employee must be selected for the observer option”.
See second image.

Please help me removing that option. I looked everywhere and don’t see differences between that CA and the others.

Thank you,


Hello Marine,
If you go to Field Data > Field Data Options within that CA, do you have this setting enabled?

That was an easy one, thank you Matt!