Inserting attachment Field in Report Template

Hi Everyone, I am wondering if there is any possible way in which the attachments from the observation points can be inserted in a report template? I would like to create a report whereby I can see the Images taken for a particular observation. For example, illegal hunting and the picture automatically generated for that particular observation when running a report.

Hello Johny,
The ability to dynamically add images to reports for particular observations will be coming soon in SMART 7. This video from Denton Joachim demonstrates how it works: smart7 Reports - Dynamic Images.mp4 - Google Drive
This will work for other types of attachments as well.

There isn’t an easy way to automate it in earlier versions of SMART, so the simplest thing to do until SMART 7 is available is save the picture and manually add it to the report as an embedded image.



Hi Matt,
Thank you so much for the insight and the video. Very Helpful. I really appreciate it.



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Hi Matt,

It would be helpful if the attachments can appear right below its corresponding waypoint.
Because in the video, as I understand, is going to show a list of all the pictures.

I am wondering if someone worked R script to download all the pictures with their corresponding waypoint.


Hi Zulma,
I’ve not watched the vid that Matt shared, but this doc is useful re getting images into reports (Smart 7.4):

Might be adaptable to the case you describe.