Introduction and How to get SMART7

Hello everyone
My name is Francois ACCROMBESSI. I’m a Biodiversity conservationist and research associate at the Laboratory of Applied Ecology in Benin.
I’m doing my PhD in Climate Change and Biodiversity. I want to use smart to collect my field data but I’m a real beginner. I’m then looking for someone who may be for help to improve my ability to use SMART software.
First, I have SMART 6.3 and my attempt to download smart7 have failed. How can I move to SAMRT 7 ?

Hi Francois,

Welcome to the SMART Community Forum and to SMART!

SMART 7 has not been publicly released yet, but we are aiming for a full release in the next week or so, just depending on final testing.

Let me also point you to some useful resources for getting started with SMART:

We are also developing an online course. We will be looking for some volunteers to take the course and give us feedback in the coming weeks. If you would like to volunteer, please add your details here - Volunteers to review analyst SMART online course - Google Sheets

There are other SMART users in Benin, hopefully you can connect through the Forum, but also check out the SMART wiki map to see other sites near you using SMART -



Hello Monica
Happy to read from you. This is so helpful.
I have filled the google sheet for the online course and can wait to learn.
Thank you!

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Hello Monica,
I have created a New Conservation Area following the SMART technical manual for SMART 6.3. After that, the application restarted but I don’t have till now the “Exit” and “Login” button to continue with “Defining a Data Model” step.
Please, How can move forward?
Second, is it advisable to use SMART to collect a PhD research work data?

Hi there,

Do you mean the Exit button here?

Could it be your screen resolution? Maybe it is too big and you can’t see it?

About your other question, I think you can totally use SMART to collect your PhD work data.



Hi Monica,
You’re right. It was my screen resolution. I just reduced it and the “exit” button appears.
Thank you for your help!
I got you about my second concern too!
Many thanks.

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Bonsoir Monica, je viens de m’inscrire pour les volontaires de cours en ligne pour m’améliorer ma capacité d’utiliser SMARt

Vous avez repondu a mon message a l’endroit de Monica. Veuilllez repondre directement a un de ses messages afin qu’elle recoive directement votre texte.

Bonjurs je veux être parmis les volontaires pour l’amélioration de ma mamière d’utilisation de SMART. Je m’aimerais avoir les courd en ligne,merci cordialement DOH II Thomas Parc national de lobéké,j’utilise Samrt depuis 2ans comme Point Focal SMART du parc