Is "Export to Device" possible on iPhone?

Hello there, I am new to SMART and was hoping to clarify whether it is possible to export packages to iPhone via the “export to device” option or whether it is restricted to SMART connect?

Hi Ella,

It is possible to use the “Export to device” option when exporting your packages. Please ensure that your device is in file-transfer mode so that the export is successful. Let me know if this is helpful.



Hi James,

Thank you. Yes, I was able to do that on Android but not on iPhone. I am unsure where the equivalent file-transfer mode setting is on iPhone. Have you done this yourself?


Hi guys,

Export to device does not work on iOS. The recommendation is to use Connect for this scenario.

It is possible to get this working using a roundabout method:

  1. Export the mobile package to a zip file and send that to your device
  2. Open SMART Mobile on the device and go to the Settings page, then select “Edit Projects”
  3. Tap “Add” in the lower right corner and select the zip file from (1)

To get data off, you will need to share the data back, typically via email and then manually importing the JSON on SMART Desktop. Since these operations are infrequent, some people do use them, but Connect is much easier.


Hi Justin,

Thank you, that’s very helpful to know.