Issue after updating SMART Connect to 7.5.7

I try to sync the updated desktop changes to Connect, I receive " 409 error. I deleted my conservation area and tried to download and import from connect and this is error i get:
Error downloading and importing Conservation Area.
Error downloading Conservation Area package:
Error packaging Conservation Area for export: Could not determine table columns for table smart.quicklink.

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Hi Kevin,

Just checking you’re using both SMART desktop and SMART Connect version 7.5.7?



I have already updated both to 7.5.7.

Hi Kevin,

Sorry, I forgot to ask, are you using a local server or a server hosted by SMART?

If the latter can you please share your URL.



Hi Alex,
Thanks for responding. I have reached out to James Simfukwe and he has resolved the issue.

By the way, we are using the server hosted by SMART.

Thanks once again. Really appreciated.

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Thanks, Kevin.

For others that come across this or a similar issue there is a simple fix which can be done by the technical operations team, as done in this case.

Please post your error and your Connect URL to the forum and the fix will be implemented.

Hi all!
I have the similar issue. I see that Connect was upgraded to 7.5.7 this night. I downloaded SMART Desktop 7.5.7, installed all plugins, and tried to download CA from Connect. The following error occurred:


it was written in this thread that the fix is simple. So, please I need this to be fixed.

Beside using Connect on SMART system, we have another one on premise, and plan to upgrade to 7.5.7 as well. I guess we will need similar help with the fix on this server as well, but this is not urgent as the current need.


Good day. Please tell me how to update smart desktop from 7.5.6 to 7.5.7. Is the release of version 8 planned? Is it possible to make some suggestions to the functionality of the program so that they appear in the new version?

Hi Volodimir,

To update your SMART desktop from 7.5.6 to 7.5.7, navigate to “File” → “Check for updates”. If this poses a challenge, you can download the latest version from the website and follow the instructions below:

  1. In the current SMART version, back up all your CAs by navigating to “File” → “Backup system”.
  2. Once this is done, in the unzipped folder, run SMART by clicking on the SMART.exe file.
  3. Use the username smart and password smart to log in.
  4. Install plug-ins and once complete navigate to “File” → “Logout” to return to the login page
  5. On the login page, click “Advanced” then “Upgrade and/or Restore a backup”. Locate the database you recently backed up from the older SMART desktop version to begin the backup.
  6. Once this is done, your upgrade will have been completed.

Updates regarding any future version updates will be communicated to the community soon. If you would like to make suggestions on program functionality, please fill in this form. On request- type select “New feature, request or documentation” and proceed to finish the form.



Hi all!
I have the similar issue. I try to sync the updated desktop changes to Connect, I receive a mistake.
The server hosted by SMART

Hi Sandra,

What version of SMART are you running on your connect server? Could you please share with me your server URL to this email and we shall assist in rectifying that error.



I sent you an email.
smart connect version 7.5.7


Hi Sandra,

Can you please send the latest distribution of Smart Connect 7.5.7 (latest version) to my email? I will be sincerely grateful. The version of SMART Connect we currently use shows version 7.5.3. Probably that is the reason we are having problems communicating between Smart Desktop (v. 7.5.7) and Smart Connect (i see v. 7.5.3 in gui).

Our host -

Thank you in advance for any advice!