Issue with false GPS tracks. (Blackview)

Hi Folks.

Has anybody else experienced the issue pictured below ?
This was supposed to be a routine trip from point A, to B and back to A, along the same track of 115km. When importing the patrol it says we travelled 86000Km.

We are using the Blackview 5300 Pro.

Please note: This is not the same issue as the phone tracking straight lines due to battery saving/optimization.

Hi Philip,

Do you know if the GPS is behaving oddly for other apps or just when using SMART Mobile / importing to SMART desktop?

It could (likely) be an issue with the phone’s internal GPS, particularly if you have other devices running the same version of SMART Mobile for which you don’t have issues?

If so, you can look into a few options. First is checking all your location and GPS behaviour settings such as whether or not your phone is trying to use WiFi to obtain GPS. Most phones have this enabled by default. Generally, we recommend to use the option “GPS only” which relies only on the internal GPS.

Another thing to check is if the location is being successfully generated/saved on SMART Mobile when saving an observation. You can use the map interface in SMART Mobile to see your track and observation locations before importing to SMART desktop.



Hi, I had the same problem with 4 phones, Huawei Y9, Samsung and Xiaomi 11. 2 phones said they travelled 2000 km and the others didn’t save the observations (the phone did save the observations but when we imported the patrol, it was empty), we only had the patrol route.

One of the phones said that the SMART Mobile didn’t have the authorization permission. However, 2 weeks before that the phone worked fine.