Legend map smart mobile

Hi all,

Is it possible to export the legend of the map and be able to see it in smart mobile?

Thank you


Hi Lina,

When you configure the basemap, you can select “SMART Map with legend”:


Hi Justin,

I selected the map with the legend but I still can´t see it in SMART Mobile.

Same with the CA example:

I am using SMART Mobile from the playstore.

Thank you

When exporting a map to SMART Mobile, the legend is just part of the map picture itself. So it should look exactly like the map does in SMART desktop.

It could be your basemap that is called “SMART Map with Legend” doens’t actually have a legend configured on it.

Or, it could be the legend doesn’t have anything to show, in which case it is not drawn at all. In SMART Desktop, load that basemap in your map view, right-click on “legend” in the “layers” window and select “change style”. Ensure the layers you want labelled are selected on the “layers properties” tab of that window, and then test the legend show up properly on that map view.

If it shows up correctly there, then it should export to SMART Mobile the same way.

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Hi Jeff,

I did the steps you mentioned but still the map doesn´t appear.

Thank you for your help.

It seems like you are doing the right steps, so I can’t tell why it isn’t working without a closer review.

Can you email me with some details about the URL of your connect server and a user-name and password I can use to access this CA and smart mobile package to test it out directly?