Manual Book SMART

do any of your colleagues have a smart manual from smart 3 to smart 6, if so, please share it on the forum


Hi there,

Apologies for the delay.

SMART 6 - SMART 6 Technical Training Manual_2019_07_sm.pdf - Google Drive

SMART 5 - Training Manual for SMART 5.0_2017_05_Clean.docx.pdf - Google Drive

SMART 4 - SMART 4.0 Training Manual 2016-12-5.pdf - Google Drive

SMART 3 - Training Manual for SMART 3.0 Production Release_all modules_v.7.docx (1).pdf - Google Drive



Hi Monica

Thank you for the link to the manual book that you provided really helped me and my friends in finding references if we found a dead end in using smart applications.


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Hi Aries,

You are very welcome!

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