Map labels do not appear


I have added road names to the map on my CA, I can see them all on SMART Desktop. However, as soon as I open the mobile app, none of the label appears although I exported the package again and click on the “update” icon on the app.

Moreover, one of my user says that she cannot see the map at all on her side although we are using the same CA.

Thank you for the help!


Can you try this -
image and see if this fixes your issue?
Let me know if this fixes it

Hi Padma,

I don’t have the option SMART Map with legend on the version 7.5.7. I only have (NONE) or Basemap.

On my Basemap, I can see the road labels.

Hi Marine,

Here Padma has shown an example of her basemaps as she has one called “SMART Map with Legend” saved as a separate basemap.

Assuming your issue is not with Connect as noted in the other thread, you can try to create a new basemap and save it. Sometimes this will happen if the basemap was not successfully saved after the edits have been made. If you don’t select save, you will still see the edits in your session, but they will not be saved permanently.




Hi Alex,

I saved a second basemap with labels, exported again the SMART Mobile package with that basemap by chosing “Export to Connect” but nothing changed. I don’t get the update icon on SMART Mobile next to that CA in order to make the changes.

There must be an issue with Connect then for that CA.

Hi Marine,

Can you try to export the updated package to device (not via Connect) to see if it is the online export process that is the issue or the mapping, please?