Merging Patrols

I have bought this up before but the thread got somewhat side tracked and I received no answer. Please only reply to this thread if you have encountered this exact problem.

The problem: When two or more patrols are merged (right click, merge patrols). All images attached are lost and irretrievable.

To understand what our organization and others are struggling with, simply select two patrols that contain images, right click and merge them. Then try open any attached images.
This bug has persisted through all versions of SMART.

This issue makes the “merge patrol” function somewhat redundant.
For example: We conduct a raid comprising multiple callsigns and devices recording.
Upon completion of the operation all data is compiled into one “patrol” for purposes of debrief as well as evidence for the prosecution resulting from the raid.
Presenting one “patrol” with all the images, map, suspect information and other info condensed into one is a must, and pretty much why the “merge patrol” function exists. However, when the patrols are merged into one detailed operation, all images are lost and this is a serious problem.

Thanks for following up. This should not happen. We will investigate.

Hi Philip,

Sorry to hear about your struggles on the issue. Unfortunately at the moment, the fix for this will roll out in the next version of SMART. A workaround I would suggest is to download/copy the attachments and then re-attach them once you have completed your merge.
Thank you for your patience on this and feel free to reach out if anything.



That is fantastic news thank you very much !