Multi-list in Tree attribute

I am excited that SMART 7 has the open to make a multi-list, being able to tic multiple boxes. Is it possible to do a multi-list in a tree attribute? I haven’t found it so far. Is this something that can be added to the next SMART version?

For example I would like to sort my animal species, prides/clans/packs and IDs of individuals per pack/clan/pride. At this moment I can make such a tree in SMART, but I can only select one ID at the same time. So I can not easily enter all the IDs of the group.

Kind regards,

Hi Elke,

Thanks for this. I think this would be a useful addition, but no, not currently available.

We can table this for possible later inclusion. Hope to update (via the forum) on this soon.



Hi Alex, Thanks! Would be great if this could be added at some point :smiley: Kind regards, Elke