Multiple administrators - issue with syncing (Smart 6.3 desktop version)

Hi All,
We are having an issue with server settings. We have several administrators on our server, if one of us log into the server, then the rest of the admins do not receive the patrols, they only go to the one admin’s computer.
When I go into my configuration settings at the top of each section it says 'These settings are specific to this conservation area on this desktop computer. These settings are not replicated to the connect server (or other desktop systems)

My question is how do I resolve this issue so that all computers connected to this server are syncing and we all receive the incoming patrols/edits made etc.

Thanks so much!!

Hello Michelle,
A patrol file on Connect can only be processed once on a SMART Desktop to create the patrol, but that patrol information is then typically shared with other desktops through the normal syncing process. To minimize data conflict and confusion, I strongly recommend processing all patrol data on a single SMART desktop, or at least having a very clear process for making sure that only one admin is responsible for processing data from Connect at any point in time and that all users are syncing frequently.

The Data Queue Options settings in the Connect Server Configuration relate specifically to the processing of patrol data from Connect:

The Automatic Sync Options settings relate to sharing any changes made on one desktop (such as processing a patrol) with Connect so that it can then be downloaded to other desktops:

Other desktops that want to be able to sync data from Connect will need to configure the Server Configuration settings to make sure that their desktop is linked to Connect and they are able to sync with Connect.

The general flow of information looks something like this:

  1. Data from Patrol A is sent from SMART Mobile directly to SMART Connect
  2. The admin on Desktop 1 processes this patrol data from Connect, saving Patrol A to their SMART desktop CA
  3. The admin on Desktop 1 syncs their changes to Connect, adding Patrol A to the Connect database
  4. Another admin on Desktop 2 logs into SMART and immediately syncs with Connect. The data from Patrol A is downloaded from Connect and now appears in their SMART desktop.

I hope this helps!