Multiplicated map layers slows down SMART mobile

Hello SMART programmers and users! I wish you smooth progress in development and use of SMART!

The topic on map layers was closed, but I still have some issues with map layers.
If two packages containing the same SMART map or WMS layer(s) are created and installed on SM (ver. 478), then those layers get duplicated/multiplicated.

Not all users realize that multiplicated layers can be turned off or even deleted and different packages used with whichever map layer, but they keep them all. Consequently, the SM gets slower and slooooower, depending on the number of multiplications. Would it be possible that during setting-up several package with the same map layers, those layers are not set-up more than once, or al least that a warning message pops-up telling that duplicated map layers can be turned off or deleted safely?



I have forwarded this info to the Dev Team and will update this thread when I get a response back. Thanks

Thanks for the report, Josip. Ideally the layers merge so you do not have any layers replicated. One thing you could do in the meantime is deploy the maps separately from the projects. Recall that SMART Mobile has a feature where you can manually add maps.


Yes, I guess I will have to manage map layers as you suggest, since rather high proportion of users does not do this.