New function for SMART Mobile suggested


A conservationist managing SMART for protected areas in Turkmenistan asked if it would be possible to add a function to SM, namely that SM produces a warning sound when it has lost contact with GPS and was unable to document a waypoint for some time (e.g. for 1 or 2 minutes).

Michiel Hötte
SMART Coordinator (contract), Temperate Asia Program
Wildlife Conservation Society

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Hi Michiel,

When the beep happens, what action would be taken?

Do they travel with the GPS in a pocket or with full access to the sky?


Hi Justin,

The action that should be taken when there is a “beep” is to get hold of the smartphone that produced the beep and ensure that nothing is blocking its GPS satellite connection. According to the person who made this request, rangers sometimes put their smartphone deep into a backpack when they are inside a car. It is better to place the phone somewhere where nothing can block the connection, e.g. place it on top of the dashboard under the front window.

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