No queries will run - Could not execute query. Java.sql.SWLException: Table/View ‘QUERY_TEMP_3’ already exists in Schema ‘SMART_ADMIN’

Morning everyone. Have you ever seen an error like this in SMART (Picture attached)? None of my queries are working, reports wont run (because they are linked to the queries) and I have no idea why.
I have attached my log file that details the errors popping up for each query.

Between it working and not working I added some basemaps, removed it from my computer (only keeping it in the cloud and then reimporting it to be on my computer), and changed all the patrol ids, reimporting them. I have checked on the community forum but there does not seem to be any similar situations. The error it gives is: Could not execute query. Java.sql.SWLException: Table/View ‘QUERY_TEMP_3’ already exists in Schema ‘SMART_ADMIN’. The SMART folder was on my OneDrive, so when all the temporary files are closed, OneDrive interprets them as being deleted. Onedrive then gives you the opportunity to restore these. I think I may have restored them by mistake.
I have no idea how to fix this, or find the files, any help would be extremely appreciated.

Thank you.
log file.txt (529.6 KB)

Hi Alex,

I sounds like you are running SMART on One Drive? This isn’t recommended. SMART Desktop is intended to be run locally of a hard drive, not on any kind of networked location. I recommend installing SMART directly on the C drive (or other local drive), and avoiding storage in Documents, Desktop, etc. Doing so can cause problems with SMAWR being able to find files and folders. Can you try moving SMART to a local location and running the queries then?

Hi rebergl.
Yes, I have learnt this the hard way. Unfortunately, I was worried about losing data, which has backfired on me.
I have moved it over, and no luck.

By storing it on OneDrive I have restored temporary files that SMART creates while you are working, which is causing my problems. OneDrive reads these as “created files” and then gives you the option to restore them once they are deleted, and I think I may have accidently restored them. I cannot find a way to identify these files, so I have restored one of SMART folder backups, and reimported by queries and patrols, and I am in the process of recreating my reports, which is working so far.
Lesson learnt.

Thank you for the response regardless.
Have a good one.