NOTICE: Depreciation of CyberTracker (not SMART Mobile!) in SMART v8

Colleagues - please be aware that we will be deprecating support for CyberTracker (original CT, NOT SMART Mobile) in SMART v8. The last version of SMART that will support original CyberTracker is v7.5.8, due in early 2024. In v7.5.8, CyberTracker users will see a warning message similar to the one below clearly indicating that they should upgrade to SMART Mobile, which we recommend for all users given the significantly enhanced set of features and user experiences it provides over original CyberTracker.


NOTE: Any users who would like to keep using original CyberTracker will need to stay on SMART v.7.5.8 or earlier.

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Hi Drew,

Thank you for the information.

Iā€™m very pleased with the great improvements in SMART Mobile, which is becoming a must-have for ecological and anti-poaching data collection in our area.

We look forward to using SMART V8.