Offline mobile map layers management

HI all, and Justin especially!

I greet the current improvement in the functionality of SMART Mobile! The possibility to add offline maps by users of mobile app is great! The possibility of zooming to and rearranging the order of all maps: WMS online maps, user added maps and SMART map(s) is very useful as well! Now comes the inevitable “but” :slight_smile: !

When having more than one SMART map, all such maps have the same name, which is “SMART map” and therefore they cannot be distinguished. This could be overcome by trying each of them and figure-out which one is needed. However, when one of SMART maps is turned ON, then all of then are turned on and vice versa. This applies to SMART maps from different CA as well as to maps of the same CA. Unwanted turning ON/OFF status of maps from different CA might not be a problem, they would not overlap, but this “just” might slow-down the mobile device, but could be a problem if those are maps of the same CA.

My question is if it would be possible to:

  1. Turn ON/OFF SMART maps individually?
  2. Give distinctive names to SMART maps?
  3. Change/adjust the transparency of offline maps at will form 0-100%?
  4. Possibility for picking offline maps from any folder and not only from “Download” folder


Hi Josip,

  1. Yes, this will be in the next build.
  2. SMART desktop does not support this today, but you can request for this to be added.
  3. This is supported by doing the following:
  • Put all your layers into a single folder
  • Create a layers.json file in the folder which defines all of your layers - see Offline maps | CyberTracker Wiki
  • Create a ZIP of the folder contents and add this as an Offline Map
  1. This is a security restriction by Android. Note that after you have added maps, you can delete the file from the Download folder.


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Thanks Justin, especially on the explanation where to find info about preparing offline maps!

Hi Josip,
I have submitted the enhancement request to allow distinctive naming of the offline SMART maps, and it will be evaluated for future SMART development. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks Matt!