Opening SMART application on windows desktop

Hello guys. when I switched on my desktop to download some patrols the SMART logo shortcut had gone and when I click on whats there now, a message comes saying (this application does not run on this computer) I have been using SMART on this computer for several years now and I had three different versions on it, when I go to the windows C file they show 0Kb for each folder. Any suggestions on how I could recover it as I don’t use connect.

Hi Nick,
I’m really sorry to hear that. Do you think it was antivirus software that removed it? If so, maybe there’s a way to recover the files through that software. If it was the result of a hard drive crash or something like that, there are a variety of recovery tools available online, but you may want to take it to a technician for help.

The best option would be to restore the most recent backup you have. This may result is some of the most recent data being lost, but I think it’s your best bet.

Hie Matt. I don’t think it was antivirus as I don’t have one installed it might have been the opposite maybe a virus, thank you for the reply though. i will take your advice and restart everything unfortunately i will loose a few months of patrol data, what happens to the data from automatic backups?

Hi Nick,
The backup file will be saved in whichever folder you designated, and if you choose to import a backup on the initial SMART launch screen, it will restore the CAs in the state they were at the time of backup.

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