Patrol Data doesn't send to SMART Connect version 7.5.3

Hi All,

I am using SMART Connect Version: 7.5.3 and SMART Mobile version 434 with Samsung A33. I configured the data from SMART Mobile to send to SMART Connect. The data send to SMART Connect slow and sometimes failed. We try to connect with high-speed internet at our office, but it spends a few days to send data to connect with multiple days patrol and it also makes the device stuck. And We can’t find the patrol data in the device if the data doesn’t send to connect ( uncheck status in the photo attached). We also try to find it in the SMART data folder in Internal shared storage\Android\data\ but it is still empty. Is there another way to get the patrol data if it didn’t send to Connect?

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Hi Rachana,

Can you use a different device to the Samsung A33 and see if the problem still occurs? If not perhaps it is a device issue?

Does the data appear in the connect data queue after you end the patrol? It sounds like the data didn’t send. Turn off connect upload in the configurable model settings, run a patrol, and see if data can be exported manually to desktop. Does the data appear in the SMARTdata folder?