Patrol data storage on phone

Can someone please clarify for me where and when a patrol package will store data on board the phone that can be accessed via cable connection, and when it will allow data to be uploaded to Connect over wifi/data connection.

In SMART 7 the option for Data Uploads in the patrol package tool says you can’t access the data from the phone if the Upload option is selected. But I feel like I read somewhere that the phone does indeed store the data on board even with the upload option on, and that is what I seemed to be finding. Our phones were storing patrol packages in the SMARTdata folder.

But if the upload option is not selected, does that mean the Export button in the app can’t send the patrol data to Connect over the network if available?

More confusingly, my current package (made in SMART 7.4, run on Mobile 422) has the upload option switched off but SMART 7 can’t seem to see all the patrol data. The SMART Mobile Import says “No data files imported from the device”. The data are there somewhere on the phone because they appear on the (rather hidden) Exported Data list and from there can be attached to an email. They aren’t in the SMARTdata folder.

Many thanks


Hi Jeremy,

If the upload option is not selected, then the data is expected to be retrieved via USB cable.

Exported data can be found in the \Android\data\\files\SMARTdata folder on the device. Replace ‘sm’ with ‘smk’ if you are using the kiosk version. In older versions (like 385) this was the /SMARTdata folder off the root of the device. Changes made by Google prevent us from using that for security reasons.

Viewing and sharing exported data is under Settings because it is not expected to be used in normal conditions - it is a data recovery feature designed to avoid data loss when the USB cable connection fails.

If the device is configured to send data to a Connect server, then you can use the “Recover Connect data” feature (also in Settings) to create an export file. This is another fail safe to avoid data loss if the Connect server fails. Again it is not expected to be used in normal circumstances.


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